3D MEPFP Coordination

MEP Clashes and Hits

Coordination between the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPFP) trades is critical for smooth installation. There is only so much room above a ceiling, and being able to visulize this space in 3D helps answer questions in advance and in the field.

Navisworks Manage is an Autodesk product that is utilized in many industries to plan projects and their associated physical space restrictions. Commonly used in the construction industry to detect collisions between trades (plumbing piping, ductwork, electrical conduit, etc.), it saves substantial amounts of time and money by locating collisions in the 3D model before the subcontractors have ordered material and installation in the field has begun. 3D coordination and clash detection is integrated into many projects that we have been a part of because it is so incredibly useful. Can you imagine just getting the 2D plans from the architect/engineer and not running it through Navisworks Manage for its clash detection capabilities? We're sure you’ve been there…

Below, is a recent hospital project that has a significant amount of content in an area of the building (the two pictures are of the same content).


We can convert your 2D content into a 3D model, run your 3D model through clash detection, or project manage your 3D coordination process from anywhere in the world.

The bottom line is that using the expertise of Final Draft CAD LLC for your coordination will help to save you both time and money.