Final, The First Time™ takes on a whole new meaning when using the BIM process to coordinate and then fabricate duct and pipe to Level of Development (LOD) 400 specifications.  Using Revit and a fabrication add-in, we are able to develop models that utilize real-world parts and components to manafacturer's specifications. This not only helps to develop an accurate BIM, but also allows for:

  • Spooling drawings
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Exact support/hanger locations, compatible with robotic total stations (Trimble)
  • Submittals of content taken from the model

Being able to use the above processes allows for pre-fabrication, with additional benefits of:

  • Fabricate assemblies in a controlled environment (your shop)
  • Safer installations (less fabrication in the field)
  • Less personnel on the job site (lower insurance rates)
  • Increased productivity (hanger installation time greatly reduced)
  • Just-in-time inventory control
  • Higher quality and less re-work

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