Reality Capture (Laser Scanning)


As-built conditions, both in and outside of a building, are difficult
to capture as well as time consuming using manual measuring
techniques. With 3D Laser Scanning, Final Draft CAD is able
to quickly, accurately and cost effectively measure simple to
complicated real-world environments for architects, engineers,
general contractors and facility managers.

Through a process of collecting millions of accurate data points
per setup, laser scanning captures point clouds of data which,
when registered, create a 3D point cloud of the scanned area or
building. Immediately useable for visual, linear, area, and volume
analysis, we can create intelligent Revit® or other software models
for architectural, structural, and MEPFP systems.

Ideal for measuring buildings, inaccessible or interstitial spaces,
3D Laser Scanning is non-intrusive. Projects can be planned and
performed with minimal interruption to normal business routines or at
specific project phases. Our team will efficiently move through the
scanning process and provide targeted deliverables in support of
in-house or collaborative projects.

Final Draft CAD, a leader in BIM Management & Coordination
services has utilized 3D Laser Scanning to measure and model
existing conditions at Biomedical, Hospital, Commercial, and other
facilities. Our professional team has a proven method of approach,
combined with technical expertise and a deep understanding of
how to scan and model building systems, to consistently deliver
accurate and thorough results.