BIM/CAD Project Management


Your general contracting firm is interested in taking on larger projects, and that generally involves working within a 3D model or BIM (Building Information Model) environment. The expense and expertise involved in bringing your firm to this standard can be expensive and overwhelming, especially if your firm doesn't work on 3D or BIM projects very often.

Focus on what you do best, and also take these projects on by outsourcing your BIM project management to us. Let our experience help you to:

  • Set up and operate the required technology
  • Conduct onsite/online MEPFP coordination meetings
  • Model MEPFP content in 3D
  • Set up and operate field installation technology
  • Utilize Renderings and Animations to convey intent, or potential issues
  • Pull quantity takeoff data from the 3D model
  • Track project costs within the 3D model
  • Dedicated drafting and modeling support throughout project

We are experienced in utilizing the latest software to ensure that your contracted design can be built. Having the data to show the design team early in the process that a project may run into problems is crucial in ensuring profitability and maintaining project schedule.

Contact us for additional information on how we may help to make your upcoming 3D or BIM project sucessful.